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Olivier Callaud born April 10, 1954 at 20h. at 7 rue de Poitiers black head.
1971/1974 Three years of training in Art and Photo Raymond Giraud. EFA 1974 (review of final apprenticeship) and 1974 CAP Photographer, worker training complete (transplanted, editing, printing B & W and shooting outside and inside).
1995 and training at BEP-MVA (market share sale) as part of a year in CIF AGEEF in Poitiers.
the armed master-worker sector in 1975 photographer Favières (28)
from 01/04/1976 to 10/01/1976 Studio Gaby, Mr. Chevy portraitist in Montluçon (03) Improvement in portrait and wedding.
from 02/10/1976 to 28/11/1977 Studio White, M. White in Montluçon (03) Improvement in the lab and n b.
31.03.1979, 29.11.1977 at Studio Sully, Mr. Sully edges organs (19) and Industrial Development in photo portrait wedding.
from 10/04/1979 to 07/09/1980 Studio Caillaud, M. Levesque chauvigny (86) Improvement in flush draw.
from 08/09/1980 to 01/06/1991 photojournalist and Assistant to the magazine photo layout HUNTER IMAGE N ° 1 European photo magazines.
Answers to readers' questions every Friday, critical readers post pictures, lesson preparation photos, national and global surveys (April 1988 how to buy legally abroad .. huge success) technical testing photo and video lounges etc. National and international ..
06/02/1991 of half-time (morning) to promote press (a subsidiary of roving photographer) service subscription and order and technical answers to readers ...
06/01/1998 to 01/06/2006 Cash-Easy Store (three quarter-time) vendor phone, photo, car stereo (best-selling national telephony).
I have two cats Mamadou (10 years) and Pirate (18).
I like a garden "Fen-Shui" I practiced cycling and running (cross-old man) passion for decorating and music ..
INVENTOR since 1988 .. Studio Portable .. patented with the help of Anvar in 1994 and a revolutionary device in the light ... (see photos on the site ...
trademarking OKAIO (still in force) in 1995.
Silver medal at the Concours Lépine in 1995 with the help of the Municipality of Poitiers.
since October 23, 2009 I totally unemployed ..
health problems prevented me from having a permanent artistic activity ..
now my only resource is my creative medium of support in relief ...
I hope that one day an investor in the East believe in me and give me the financial means to market these innovative okaio ... before being too old ... (Smile) ..
thank you all ... especially the photographers.
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