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Letters of interests of the time(period) " 1996 " of industrialists... Standard(cannon)... Nikon... Minolta etc. but regrettably I did not find in the time(period) the serious investors thus the necessary money(silver) to suggest them an industrial produc

These innovations are very numerous nothing that in the light flashes and the light permanent employee concerns the video street lighting cinema theater the stages(stadiums) of football among others the lighthouses of car all the sectors of the endoscopy and the brief medical lighting everywhere where he needs light there but also invisible microwave concerns as the sound recording and as the water a shape of revolutionary shower head where there will be minimum 50 % of economy in every wash of a person.
I have noticed every time to meet engineers of the CNRS(NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH) who believed in it but them to ask me for some money(silver) to concretize my innovations!!!!.
Then the military part(party) where it is a question of managing an electromagnetic mass in the form of beams (as the light) and which by its layout(organization) diverts the objects which go towards you (balls(bullets) etc.) in the time(period) I asked for the aid of French state but one me asked a prototype!!! But not having