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1 / The lives of ants in my grandmother ... an intimate vision at a magnification of between 2 and 4 ... you will live with what they farm aphids daily equivalent of dairy cows for us! ... light flashes lights with four boxes (prototype) Okaio single ...

A unique lighting ... unfortunately did not have the money I could make the industrial version that you could have utiler ... These images are modeled on the single subject .. sometimes become a regular framing because of this super light variable density ... a chaotic light rain that values ​​the relief ... where the goal was to change the densities of light into the light ... magic! ... pictures never seen by a magical light ... thank you Okaio.

Canon Eos 5 argentique... 70-200 f/2.8 ... 4 bagues allonges.. Bonnettes 250 Raynox ..Studio Portable Okaio (r)... 4 flashs Canon 430 EZ .. 4 Boites à lumière Okaio (r) ( prototype )... trépied Manfrotto et poignée Joystick Manfrotto.. de f/16 à f/22.. 400 Iso, Supéria G ..fuji