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Left 1-in the morning / ONE CHALLENGES with 2 compact to manage to make a report and of photos emotional (as formerly with a réflex!) of the Beautiful Motocross of July 22nd, 2012 of Rocks Pre-marry (86) live the action(share) the dust and by a blazing su

A compact of 12 million pixels the kodak Z on 1258 AND the kodak compact 6 million pixels DX 7630 ( 2004 )... Here are the challenges... From the beginning I was confronted with an immense problem the response time of the device with the mobile subjects the time(weather) of activates(starts) it left it needed me to make an ultra-fast learning(apprenticeship) to learn to activate(start) before the subject is in the good places! Of this fact these photos have the advantage to be different in centring and at moment I privileged the aesthetics of the body of the pilot(driver) of the motorcycle and a tight centring I made a very big work with Adobe 10 to catch up the centrings a little margins and the exhibition(exposure) by a very hard sun thank you for expressing me your opinion (for the morale!)