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Folder informative and amazing pictures you will see where the scratches were removed and the version with stripes ... a superb work of Müller Stéphane ...Tel 06-49-85-28-17 you can trust him, he did a great job at a great price ... super bravo ....

SVMARTS Photos is a sole proprietorship specializing in photo retouching.
Tel 06-49-85-28-17

My studies in communication and graphic design led me to retouching. I learned all the basics of photography and photomontage and I wanted to do my job. Beautify, rejuvenate, edit photos, this is my passion. I worked for two years as a layout artist / graphic designer for a web box and have come to several times to adjust / optimize photos, make collages for advertising, restore photos from low quality, develop editing creative ... I'm doing this full time and trying to integrate parallel to a photo studio to show my retoucher digital skills and learn new techniques. I work mainly in France but also globally.

Restoration / Retouching Photos
I restore old damaged photos by time and place all types of photo retouching, red-eye correction, color and density, cropping, sharpening, depth of field, blurring, color retouching etc ... The most beautiful photo retouching is one that can not be seen!

Editing mode
I'm also involved in the editing mode (makeup, lipstick, eye color, hair, skin texture etc ...)

The photomontage is one of my specialty, remove or add an item, merge multiple photos to not make one, change the background.

Creative retouching
Creative retouching is a discipline that begins to emerge. Indeed, according to your desires, I can turn your photos into paintings (digital), add graphics or other.

The online sales sites often need to crop, edit, crop and optimize the weight of their product photos on a large scale. This is why I opted for web packages, clipping, cropping, editing and optimization. Contact me for information.

My prices start from 10 euros the photo, but there are so many possibilities in image editing that the rate will be established on request after receiving the images to be processed.
Possible payment by paypal or check.

Sending documents
Please first contact me by email ( or phone and I will send you a link for sending large files.