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Explanations in Englishman(English people) of the functioning of the principle of management of the light Okaio by her(it) limp in light OKAIO

This text provides the primary explanation of the transformation of light by the system Okaio ... complex simple! ... where we must manage each bounce of light ... of thousands of micro-mirrors with ultra-precise angles which must be considered a fact (facts) new structure leads to a new behavior of photons when the light so its speed is increased by the fact of confinement (structural) and the Association of photons between them ... and low (due to the rebound of each photon or photons bounce) are found strong ..! weak and strong ... (For the arrival of former low ...!!).
Thus the basic purpose is to manage the consequences of density of these million a rebound from others ... and a new development due to the structure (confinement) of the light box ... the cross beams of light / photons between them in this volume internal space ... and see, manage the consequence that creates at each intersection / crossing a halo of light / photons and follow the directional of these new photons (which disappear as normal ...) and take them into account in relation to other photons traditional ensemble "thus" bounce off thousands of micro-mirrors ..!!. and taken into account individually in the calculation angle of each micro-mirror becomes an INAC microdiamonds ... the future will be created logitiel a special handle that because millions of millions of beams in this invention is unique ... there will be a before and after okaio ..
Thus the basic aim is not to lose power and exit controls the chaos of light beams as a real SCULPTURE quadridimentionnel light .. which increases the visual relief of objects and matter .... n 'Eboue and not fundamentally change the lighting as it creates the relief by shadows, but not by the density of matter ....