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This Portfolio viends completely redone .. on fishes of aquaruim of the fishes as you have never seen with 2 flashes okaio

This Portfolio viends completely redone .. PART 1 OF PHOTOS OF FISH IN AN AQUARIUM AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN TO FLAHS (3) But with my light on innovations .... PART 2 for the press conference of Mr. Fish, Red on the Living Conditions .... Over a hundred images and New PART 1 March Aquaruim a village in France my first test "the Roche Prémaries in Vienna (86)"

Photos made ​​(without special preparation ..) in the store of Jardiland POITIER freehand with the Studio Portable OKAIO ... material = 2 CANON TTL flash with 2 boxes and light okaio a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark 2 with 70-200 f/2.8 lens canon series L. .. + 2 extension tubes Canon back and a Raynox studding at the front .. average f / 8 .. 9.5 speed between 60 and 250 é é depending on the speed of said fish (and the fatigue of carrying after several hours ..).. ISO 1600 .. (To avoid black ..!)... magnification ratio 1 / 1 (very low ..) and 1/2.5 (very often) .. I personally have never seen a picture of an aquarium of this quality ... and god knows I've seen ... for me a marvel of light to see such small fish ... so alive, so human in their eyes ... emotion of life ...