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Photos forgotten found a light exceptional portable okaio studio and 2 limp in okaio light more railings(bars) more effect flashes the dream okaio and become reality. For me this day only to the world to immortalize the glance if human being of these all

Exceptional photos found made during an exhibition(exposure) on the pigeons for Aslonnes ( 86 ) with a standard(cannon) eos 600 and one 70-200 f / 2.8 artillery L and the Portable Studio Okaio with 2 flashes and 2 limp in okaio light and nevertheless you do not see the effect usual flash which discourages you from working on the flash you do not see railings(bars) and nor effect flashes (nevertheless these photos were made in a dark barn). The glance of these birds is so human as their souls speak to you a so beautiful okaio light