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here's a surprise ... Ferrets Lépine contest in May 1995 ... okaio primitive portable studio and light box okaio patented (first cutting ... cutting the 2nd December 1995 and is the original version serious in April 1998) 1 hour before the open

10 days in the competition(help) Lépine it is long in May, 1995 (even with a silver medal at the end as far as I saw no journalist (I would tell one day this scandal) So a couple a day suggests me photographing their ferrets. They say to me in tomorrow... Surprised the next day here they are dad mom and the children and the rest of the family photos made for the portable studio standard(cannon) eos 500 (lent by Standard(Cannon) France) and a 3-70 with her(it) limps in okaio totally primitive light because ended in the train the day before(watch) but here is looked the light flash you do not see her(it) the beginning of a beautiful innovation which always waits for the industrial era so that one day the photographers and people of the cinema use this system which created the relief not by the shade(shadow) (usual) but by the macro-microcomputing densities of the structure of the material(subject) when we shall light(switch on) the 1st okaio projector abruptly there will be an okaio front and one after nothing more will be as before