Regarder les vidéo OKAIO lumiére... SURPRENANTE... et cliquer sur Boutique Ma Première Boutique de vente de tirage photo d'art !

see the file in English version of the site in English..Thanks to Frédéric Coudre of his work

THE TEXT IN ENGLISH IS UNDER PROCESS... HE(IT) WILL BE IN COMPLEMENT THERE (pages are quotation with quotation to understand(include) drawings) FROM WHOLE FRENCH AT THE END OF THE DAY... I am anxious to thank all the persons having participated in this project. First of all Mr Caillaud, who made me share his inventions, and who got involved actively. M.Herrin and Martineau who allowed me to investigate new solutions when I was blocked(surrounded), by supporting me technically in the project. Miss guillochet for her interest to follow the project closely